I believe in many things.

What are these “things” exactly? A higher power, mother earth, the cosmos, the effects of a positive and negative mindset, Karma, will power, etc.

All of these are not mutually exclusive. There’s a bond that occurs naturally when they are in play, and the end result is balance.

I mentioned to my therapist a few weeks ago that my dad and my sister have really good luck. What did I mean by that? I think I figured it out last week at my session.

I explained on that particular morning that I felt good. No anxiety. No weight of the world on my shoulders. Clear head. I was even kind of giddy and joking more than usual.

That’s the feeling I’m trying to get back to. My notion of hope.

And when I drove from my workout to that session, which is about 4 miles of a busy main roadway, I had all green lights.

When I finally let go, I was getting back to hope. In a sense back to “good luck.”

As if I’ve been casting my fishing pole for months searching for something, anything.

And there it is. I finally caught something.

I’ve reconnected with the energy stream that bonds all of life, consciousness, and matter together. Sounds a bit hippy-ish eh? Well that’s the best way I can explain it. Its a state of being you feel when you let go of your pain and anger, even just for a moment, and you start seeing the world from a different angle.

Letting the energy wash over and carry me, instead of trying to control and manipulate it to my own means.

Is it a divine energy? Quite possibly. I don’t have all the answers. But I do know its there whether people believe in it or not.

I understand that its unrealistic to try and connect with this energy every day. I’m going to have my bad days. But the point is that I will always strive to do what’s right and keep my compass pointing towards positivity.

And that’s how I want to live my life; knowing the difference between taking the drivers seat and letting go of the wheel.

And accepting that sometimes I don’t have control of the journey, but I will get to my destination~

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